24 6 / 2013

Caitie Sellers

Through my jewelry I am highlighting the overlooked beauty of the urban landscape. Infrastructure and architecture inspire line drawings which are turned into jewelry through steel wire and silver solder. All the gritty, rusted, and stubborn signs of humanity that get overlooked by the tourist and taken for granted by the resident are my curiosities.

Catie Sellers’s work is the perfect combination of the two- and three-dimensional forms of representation, in my opinion. Though her pieces look very flat, a closer look reveals the depth of the layers, the electrical wires going through space.
Certainly, her urban inspiration comes through, in both her choice of steel as material and in the cityscapes she creates, but is surprising delicate. I can just imagine her placing every wire meticulously, delicately heating during soldering so as not to dislodge the wires. It appears visually quite delicate as well, contrasting with the industrial strength of of the city. 
I also appreciate her utilizing the properties of the silver solder, which does not take kindly to patinas in most cases. Solder’s appearance usually indicates a lack of craftsmanship and clean up, but she uses it to create the lights of the city, luminous silver against the oxidized steel, or to mimic the look of welding. 

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