30 6 / 2013

Carolyn Morris Bach

Carolyn Morris Bach lives on seventy acres in the woodlands of Southern Rhode Island. Her studio is surrounded by pastures and forests and impacted directly by the cycles of seasons which connect her to the natural environment and its visual expression in figurative imagery.

For 30 years, her work has developed along themes which are keyed to visual metaphors – often found in older iconographies – representing the powers of sun, moon, wind, rain, stones, plants and a selection of animals residents that determine the rural, non-industrial landscape.

I love the folk-illustration style of Carolyn Morris Bach’s jewelry. It’s incredibly enchanting to me, almost as though these pieces were breathed into life, instead of being formed and torched and meticulously crafted. There’s an effortlessness to Bach’s designs that really adds to the whimsy of her creations. 

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